Tuesday, June 5, 2012

6/1-6/3 Cubs vs. Giants - AWESOME WEEKEND

So, things got pretty awesome in San Francisco this past weekend. I mean, the Giants and the Cubs have some of the best uniforms in baseball to begin with (well, maybe not the Giants since they traded this for this over the offseason. On a side note, Brian Wilson's beard is unreal. Look at that thing. That's beside the point, but still. Wow, bruh.), so it was already going to be an aesthetically pleasing series to begin with. However, things went from "aesthetically pleasing" to "HOLY CRAP WHY IS THIS SO AWESOME" over a 4-day span. Why did this happen? Keep on reading....


Normally when you see 2 uniforms & 2 hats like these, you know you're in for a game that's gonna be pretty easy to watch. It most definitely was, but even a guy who writes a blog that is focused on the hats took note of one of the most important things to come out of this game:
The home plate umpire was decked out in a blazer. How awesome is that? I know it's happened a few times this season, but this was a perfect storm of awesomeness. Great uniforms? Check. Great hats? Check. Umpire in a blazer? BAM. Hell of a night.

And the best part was? It only got better on Saturday.


Saturday afternoon in San Francisco was Turn Back The Century Day, and the Giants & Cubs went all the way back to 1912. Yes, the days when the Yankees weren't the most important ballclub in New York, and the days when the Cubs actually won pennants and raised championship flags. I'm not even kidding, go look it up! But that's all beside the point, the point is that they brought out some pretty cool throwback uniforms from that year. The Giants wore the home uniform pictured here, but I'm not really gonna focus on it considering the fact that it's a blank, navy-colored hat, and what else can you say about a blank, navy-colored hat other than the fact that it's a blank, navy-colored hat?

Nope, the stars of Saturday's show were the Cubbies, who busted this look out:

While you can't say too much about a blank, navy-colored hat, you can talk for a bit about this navy-colored uniform. The hat's a much simpler take on the modern Cubs hat that we know today, but what makes it stand out from the multitude of navy hats w/ white letters is the fact that they wore navy shirts, pants, and socks with it. For this to be from 1912, it was a really progressive look for the Cubs, in my opinion. Almost as if they were ahead of their time when it came to this type of stuff. Shoot, look at how baseball looked in the 1970s and what their crosstown neighbors on the Southside wore back then and you could honestly say that the 1912 Cubs were trailblazers when it came to baseball uniforms. Could it fly nowadays? Hell no. Is it awesome for a one-off Turn Back The Clock deal? Hellzzzz yeah. So, chalk this one up as another successful throwback day, and while I'm not exactly the biggest fan of navy hats w/ white lettering (despite the fact that I'm currently wearing one in my personal twitter account's avatar), I could definitely see myself buying and wearing one of those hats. Very sharp.


The series with both teams wearing their normal looks, with the Giants switching it up a little bit by going with the orange-billed caps. While the normal, black-crown-&-black-billed Giants hats are superior to the orange-billed hats in my opinion, it's still a very good looking hat and it's a nice change of pace from the every day look that we're used to seeing. And what else can be said about the Cubs' hat? It's a bonafide classic. All in all, a great end to a great weekend. Not really gonna cover Monday's game because there was nothing new when it came to the hats, but if you want to see what it looked like, here's the link to MLB.com's wrap-up.


Overall, there were 6 uniforms worn during this series, and 5 hats. Since this is the Fitted Cap Fiend, I figure the only right thing to do would be to rank the hats. So yeah, here's the 5.

1. Giants (all-black)
2. Cubs (current)
3. Cubs (1912)
4. Giants (orange-bill)
5. Giants (1912)

There you have it, a somewhat ham-handed look at a pretty awesome weekend in the world of baseball. Hope you enjoyed it, and hope you enjoyed the fact that I actually blogged twice within a span of 2 weeks. It's a miracle.

Photo credit goes to mlb.com, gettyimages, Associated Press, & the San Francisco Giants.

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