Sunday, April 15, 2012

April Update: The (Red)White Sox, among other stuff.

So, earlier today (or Sunday, since it will be Monday when this thing gets posted), I decided to catch the end of the Tigers-White Sox game on WGN. I observed 2 things while watching this game:

1: Hawk Harrelson is quite possibly the biggest homer on the mic right now.
2: The White Sox were decked out in red. Yes, the White Sox were wearing red sox (haha, I am TOO clever.). The Southsiders have decided to add their 1972 home uniform to their 2012 set, and they went all the way with it. Oversized numbers that were standard for that era? Check. Correct sleeve patch (and matching batting helmet? It's a big problem in baseball nowadays.)? Check. STIRRUP SWAG?!!?!??! CHECK!!! Now, this is the Fitted Cap Fiend, so of course the focal point around here is the cap. So, did they get the cap right?
They sure did. Yes, that is the inspiration for what you see on the current black-&-white White Sox cap (which is pretty awesome in its own right).  Even though the 'SOX' script on the hat doesn't match up with the script that is on the chest, the #1 goal for a throwback uniform is accuracy, and it's accurate. 

Plus, it's kind of awesome to see a team nicknamed the White Sox playing in red in the same league that includes the Red Sox. I'm sure that caused a bit of confusion back when this was what the White Sox wore on a regular basis, instead of just on Sundays for a year. Either way, it's a solid look for the White Sox, a nice change of pace for Sundays, and a decent infusion of color in an identity that gets bogged down by the team choosing to wear their black jerseys for like every freakin game. Good job by the White Sox for getting everything right, and I'll be looking forward to every time that they decide to wear these nice hats.


In the meantime-inbetweentime, the Los Angeles Dodgers (led by Matt Kemp, who is on pace to become baseball's first ever Eleventy-Eleventy Man) honored the legendary Jackie Robinson by breaking out the Brooklyn Dodgers cap. Here's a pic.
Now, we saw this hat last year when the Dodgers wore throwbacks from 1944 for a few games, but it's always nice to see this hat paired with one of the best home uniforms in baseball today. Brings back memories, doesn't it? Now, while the hat may not be completely accurate (to make a long story short; that hat logo has gone through so many minor changes that it's almost a completely different animal than what guys like Jackie, Pee Wee Reese, and Roy Campanella wore), it's still a classy compliment to a classy look. So yeah, points off for inaccuracy, but when it looks that good, who am I to complain?

So, really wasn't expecting a random post at 2:00 AM EST writing about two teams who went to a throwback look for Jackie Robinson Day to be my first post in months, but here we are. C'est la vie. Baseball's back!

Photo credit to the following: 30fps, Getty Images, Yahoo Images,