Monday, May 28, 2012


My friends, the picture that rests above this blog post is not an optical illusion. That is not a photoshop. That is not a figment of your imagination. That is not a delusion brought on by eating too many ribs, downing too many cold ones and erstwhile surfing the internet in your state of intoxication. No, no, no, & no. Ladies & gentlemen, for the first time since 2004 (I guess), the Colorado Rockies played a Major League Baseball regular season game wearing PURPLE HATS.

I'm gonna repeat that just in case you've fainted due to the state of delirium that you are probably just now recovering from: THE ROCKIES FINALLY WORE THE PURPLE HATS.

Now, I have no idea what brought about this miraculous occasion in the annals of baseball's aesthetic history. If I had to guess, it was probably the result of the fact that they had to do a doubleheader today with the Houston Astros (speaking of which, what a great day to be a baseball fan in Denver (and in Houston if you're willing to be in front of a TV or radio all day); a doubleheader on a holiday? I'll take that a million times.) and whoever's in charge of uniform combos out there finally decided "You know what? I'm sick of wearing these black hats eleventy billion times a year. Let's put some color in here!" and they did just that.

Seriously, that uniform looks SO much better with the purple hat. It's a shame that they didn't have matching purple batting helmets, but at this point, beggars absolutely cannot be choosers. I'm just happy that they finally decided to let this beautiful beast out to roam in the mountains. Thank you #Based WhoeverDecidedToHaveTheRockiesWearThisCap. Your efforts are greatly appreciated by the fitted cap fiend.

Photo credit goes to Getty Images & Major League Baseball.