Monday, December 6, 2010

12/6/10 Hat of the Day

1993-1998 Cincinnati Reds Home Cap
(First of all, allow me to introduce myself: I'm the Fitted Cap Fiend. I'm a hat savant, and this blog's mission is to share the love of the most iconic piece of equipment on a baseball field, something that everybody from the fans, to the managers, to the players wears whenever they decide to spend a day at the ballpark: The baseball cap. So, kick back & enjoy the show. If you want more action, follow me on twitter @FittedCapFiend, and/or subscribe to my tumblr at if you want some random pictures of caps and people in those caps.)

Now, today's Hat of the Day is a somewhat forgotten classic in my opinion, the 1993-1998 Cincinnati Reds Home Cap. It's widely accepted that the Cincinnati Reds solid red cap with the wishbone C is one of the more iconic hats in baseball. It was the trademark of the 70s Big Red Machine, and after a brief flirtation with the sultry mistress known as the color black during the late '90s & early '00s, the franchise got back to their senses and were able to marginalize the black, therefore letting black be a great compliment to an already classic sports identity, instead of letting black dominate it.

But I digress. THIS RIGHT HERE is what we came to see.


In 1993 (almost immediately after what WAS the most recent successful era in Reds history) let's just say that the Reds got a little pinstripe crazy. It extended to the away uniform, & that's where the classic hat went to hide. Instead, the home fans got this: A pinstriped hat to match the pinstriped uniforms. I don't know about you, but to me, this is a slam dunk. It was unique, it made the Reds stand out, and it still had a bit of an old time charm to it that made it one of my favorite baseball looks.

Of course, this wasn't exactly perfect. As good of a design as it was on paper, it wasn't the best idea for that time on the field. As some of you may have know, you take a hot Cincinnati summer & add into it the effect of Riverfront Stadium's astroturf making the temperature & field level even hottter, and what do you get? Sweat. The players' sweat led to the stripes running, and by the mid-to-late innings of the game, the pinstriped hats would turn pink. Yeah, not a good look at all. But without the sweat making the colors run, it's a solid hat.

For 5 years, this was the look of that adorned the heads of Cincinnati Reds in the field of Riverfront Stadium. I say 'in the field,' because they still wore all-red batting helmets. Although the Reds are long done with this hat and pinstripes in general, I'm not. I still remember. Those hats were the only reason I played with the Reds in Ken Griffey Jr. Baseball on the Nintendo 64.  Those hats were the reason why the Reds were a third favorite team of mine, behind the Griffey Mariners & the Atlanta Braves. Good times, great memories, nice hat.

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  1. Love this hat. Can't find a place to buy it though