Thursday, December 9, 2010

12/9/10 Hat of the Day

2006-Pres Spokane Indians (Northwest League) Home Cap

 Thursday, December 9th, 2010, The Fitted Cap Fiend goes on a trip Northwest & down in the minor leagues. It's there where you find 2 hidden gems of baseball: The city of Spokane itself, and the Spokane Indians, who currently have my favorite minor league baseball identity. Shoot, it's one of my favorite baseball identities period. It's a perfect blend of a traditional baseball look with a hint of modern amenities here & there. Plus, it's just about the classiest way you can do a Native American look w/o it being insulting or a caricature of Native Americans. I mean, they even made a logo in the Salish language, which is one of the coolest baseball logos I've ever seen. Everything about this identity just says 'classy.'
The classiest thing about this look? Of course, it's the hat. That's what we came here for! The hat is actually a great update on what was an already solid look. They combined elements of the past with new additions from the future to create what you see above. Major league quality on a minor league level. 
Of course, you get a little more leeway to be a bit more creative with minor league identities than you do with major league establishments that have been around since, what seems like, the beginning of time. The designers of this look took the leeway and made themselves a classic with this one. I can't say it enough, this is a REALLY GOOD LOOKING HAT (yes, that proclamation deserved all caps), and one that would make a perfect fit in your hat collections. I mean, you want to have a great looking hat on your head, but be unique at the same time (because, quite frankly, who's wearing a Spokane Indians hat outside of the Northwest US?)? Make sure you pick this up. I know I will (as soon as I graduate from being a poor college student, haha). I mean, it's the Hat of the Day, I feel as if I have a duty to pick this bad boy up now.

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